Le dolci zie

Directed By: Mario Imperoli


A young and inexperienced orphaned guy is taken into custody by his dirty, anarchic grandfather. Three aunts (Femi Benussi, Pascale Petit, Marisa Merlini) want to take care of him, and all three desire him sexually, although they don’t admit it. The dressmaker’s daughter (Patrizia Gori) is also attracted to him, as is the beautiful country girl Manuela (Orchidea De Santis).
In the 11th minute, a man unbuttoned Orchidea De Santis‘s blouse in front of a group of priests, freeing the actress’s beautiful big boobs. The priests run away, Orchidea laughs, then runs across the lawn, jiggling her boobs. Thirteen minutes later, Marisa Merlini lays a photo of a handsome man on the bedside table, then lies in bed and touches herself thinking of him. Twenty seconds later, the film’s first full-frontal nude: Pascale Petit naked in the shower. Ten minutes later, Femi Benussi and Pascale Petit are on the beach in very sexy swimsuits. On the beach we can also see a Marisa Merlini topless, perhaps the only one of her film career. Ten minutes later, Patrizia Gori performs an amateur striptease in the pine forest. A guy spies on her from behind a bush, and she knows she’s being spied on. Like any sexy comedy, the naked actress spied through the keyhole cannot be missed. In fact, three minutes later the protagonist spies on Femi Benussi as she undresses before going to bed. Soon after, the guy daydreams and imagines Femi Benussi dancing topless on the edge of his bed. When Femi leaves, Pascale Petit enters the room, sits on the edge of the bed, and undresses. Unfortunately for the guy, it’s still a dream. Eleven minutes later, Femi Benussi gives the protagonist a very sensual massage. Orchidea De Santis gives us the last nude scene of the film.

Nude scenes