Le Tre Rose di Eva (Season 2)

Directed By: Raffaele Mertes


Le Tre Rose di Eva is the story of the murder of wine entrepreneur Luca Monforte. For this murder, Aurora Taviani (Anna Safroncik) was falsely accused, and she spent eight years in prison before finally returning home and marrying the entrepreneur’s son. Aurora has two sisters, Tessa and Marzia. The three sisters are daughters of Eva, Luca Monforte’s lover, who disappeared a few days after his death.
As in the first season, we can see some nude actresses and many exciting scenes in this one.
The first episode opens with Anna Safroncik in bed with her partner. The woman is pregnant and wearing transparent white underwear. The man caresses her breasts. A few moments later, the camera pans to Giorgia Wurth, who hints at a few moves at the pole dance in a nightclub.
In the second episode, Anna Safroncik is engaged in a sex scene in bed with her partner. A moment later, Giorgia Wurth is again at the dance pole. The actress is wearing very exciting black hold-up stockings. In the third episode, we enjoy Elisabetta Pellini naked in the bathtub. Also in the fourth episode, there is a bathtub, but this time the nude actress is Licia Nunez. The episode ends with yet another scene in the bathtub. Anna Safroncik plunges into it to have sex with her man.
In the fifth episode, Licia Nunez helps Gaia Messerklinger undress, then the two get into bed together, both naked. When Gaia falls asleep, Licia kisses her several times on the mouth. The sixth episode gives us a beautiful sex scene with Elisabetta Pellini. Later, another fabulous sequence: Gaia Messerklinger and Licia Nunez strip completely naked to take a swim in the pool. The episode closes with Euridice Axen naked in a brief sex scene.
In the seventh episode, we admire Anna Safroncik in a wet, see-through shirt. In the eighth, there are two sex scenes, one with Gaia Messerklinger and the other with Euridice Axen. In the ninth, Euridice Axen is naked in the bathtub.
After the tenth episode without naked actresses, in the eleventh, there are two sex scenes, with Anna Safroncik and Licia Nunez. In the last episode of the season, we can see Licia Nunez naked in the shower.

Nude scenes