Le Tre Rose di Eva (Season 4)

Directed By: Raffaele Mertes


The fourth season of Le tre rose di Eva takes place two years after the end of the previous season. The character played by Anna Safroncik was apparently dead, but she returns and the lives of her loved ones are pleasantly shattered. As for the nude actresses, this is probably the most disappointing season.
Anna Safroncik strips first, in the first episode, in an intriguing sex scene. In the second episode, we make the acquaintance of Gloria Radulescu, who emerges from the pool in a stunning bikini. Soon after, Giorgia Wurth touches her boobs in the shower. At the end of the episode, Anna Safroncik makes love by the lake, but not much is seen.
In the fourth episode, Euridice Axen takes off her coat and dives wholly naked into the pool. We see her ass as she enters the water. In the pool are Gloria Radulescu and a man. Gloria runs out, and we can admire her ass as well.
In the fifth episode, Anna Safroncik returns to the lakeshore for more sex. Unfortunately, this is the last nude scene of the season.

Nude scenes