Les confidences érotiques

Directed By: Michel Lemoine


The long original title is Les confidences érotiques d’un lit trop accueillant (AKA The Erotic Confessions of a Bed Too Welcoming). It’s a French sexy comedy, shot in 1973 by Michel Lemoine. This is an episodic film. The owner of a round bed (Olga Georges-Picot) tells a former boyfriend all the erotic stories that took place on said bed.
In the sixth minute a man enters a room and finds Olga Georges-Picot topless. Next to her is the round bed, and the woman begins to narrate the erotic adventures about him.
In the first episode, Martine Azencot and Olga Georges-Picot wear transparent white robes. In the following episode, dancer Emilie Mathis dances on the bed topless. In the third episode Marie Hélène Règne has sex with a man on the circular bed. In the fourth episode we find Monique Vita and Magda Mundari in a lesbian scene, observed by a man. Shortly afterwards the man joins in by initiating a threesome. Four minutes later Marie-Georges Pascal has sex on the same bed. In the fifth episode Bunny Godillot is receiving a relaxing massage. Shortly afterwards there is a brief sex scene with Janine Reynaud. The star of the sixth episode is Nathalie Zeiger, who has sex first on the bed and then facing the balcony. The last episode introduces us to the beautiful Anne Libert in the nude. The actress has sex with a man, then a friend joins in for a threesome.
The stories are over, but there is still a good sex scene. Martine Azencot has sex with a man, while Nadège Monceau caresses their bodies.

Nude scenes