Les petites écolières

Directed By: Claude Mulot


Brigitte Lahaie runs a brothel and runs it like a sex school. There is also the final theater with female students who play sexy fairy tales for the public.
Les petites écolières is a film that offers many, many breathtaking sequences with various porn actresses from the 80s. The scenes are many and we only describe a few of them. Marilyn Jess performs in a wonderful blowjob. And on the subject of blowjobs, Brigitte Lahaie gives a class of oral sex to a class of students who are very interested in the subject.
Then there are lesbian sequences between Jane Baker and Céline Gallone, between Brigitte Lahaie and still Jane Baker… there is a threesome with Cathy Stewart and Céline Gallone. There is really a lot of material. One of our absolute favorite hardcore movies.

Nude scenes