Love in 3-D

Directed By: Walter Boos


Liebe in drei Dimensionen or Love in 3-D was shown in theaters using a split prism system and Polaroid goggles. In the 1970s, various experiments were made with films in three dimensions, and obviously, these technologies were also used for erotic films.
The plot is sparse and tells the adventures of the beautiful and blonde Petra (Ingrid Steeger) to discover Bavarian nightlife.
The footage is designed for the three-dimensional experience of the viewer, so it often happens that something is thrown at the camera, including the actress’s boobs.
There are a lot of nude scenes and the list of nude actresses is long. In addition to Ingrid Steeger there are Anik Ellahee, Christina Lindberg, Dorit Henke, Dorothea Rau, Elisabeth Volkmann, Evelyn Raess, Marina Blümel and Ulrike Butz.

Nude scenes