Directed By: Hubert Frank


Liebesmarkt (AKA Swap Meet at the Love Shack AKA Emanuelle Meets the Wife Swappers) is the classic German film in the style of Schulmädchen-Report, mock documentaries about the sexual revolution of those years. The film consists of several episodes, linked by a central story: a party of friends.
In the first episode, Waltraud Schaeffler tries to seduce the chimney sweep. In the next scene, Monica Marc and her boyfriend respond to an ad posted by a wealthy couple, eager to have dinner with interesting people. The couple wants everyone to dine naked, and we admire Karin Glier and Monica Marc at the table without clothes. As is easy to guess, this is a swinging couple, and the dinner soon turns into a shag. Next, Ingrid Steeger answers an ad to pose as a nude model. The artist has her and a naked man pose doggy style. Obviously, the pose stimulates sexual appetite. Later Ingrid Steeger performs a wild dance between buckets of paint, which arouses her partner considerably. Britt Corvin joins the party and narrates her adventure. The girl is having sex in the car with her boyfriend when the car starts moving on its own and heading toward a ravine. The two jump out in time, but the car falls and crashes. Two minutes later, Britt and her partner are having sex in a kind of closet, but are interrupted by the arrival of a couple. The next scene features Monica Marc, involved in a strange ritual with other people, all naked. Four minutes later we are watching Marita Vogelsang naked, ready to have sex with the mailman. Soon after, we witness a scene with four naked actresses in bed: Britt Corvin, Carmen Jäckel, Claudia Fielers, and Gaby Borck.
Nudity after nudity, the film continues with Eleonore Leipert giving a sensual massage to a man. She is topless and wearing panties, black stockings and garter belts. In the last hot scene Britt Corvin has sex in a barn.

Nude scenes