Lo spietato

Directed By: Renato De Maria


When he’s 16 years old, Santo Russo leaves Calabria and moves with his family to the outskirts of Milan. His father had been in the ‘Ndrangheta criminal organization but was dishonorably thrown out.
Santo ends up in jail for a crime he didn’t commit. Behind the bars, he meets a fellow countryman. Once out of jail, the two will start making a climb into the underworld. Robberies, kidnappings, and finally a drug refinery.
The true story of the criminal Saverio Morabito inspired all the events.
Sara Cardinaletti turns us on by taking off her clothes during a very hot medical examination in the role of one of the sexiest nuns in Italian cinema. Valeria Favotto first seduces us with a super-sexy dance, then she turns us on in a doggy-style sex scene. Sara Serraiocco is the third nude actress in the film, also engaged in a beautiful sex scene.
Shortly after, we can admire the fabulous Marie-Ange Casta (yes, she is the sister of Laetitia Casta). The beautiful French actress offers us a couple of very intriguing sequences: first, she wears a dress with a stunning neckline, then she is engaged in a sex scene, with her big bouncing tits.

Nude scenes