L’onorevole con l’amante sotto il letto

Directed By: Mariano Laurenti


L’onorevole con l’amante sotto il letto is a classic Italian-style sexy comedy, possibly less spicy than other films in the same genre. Teacher Anna Vinci (Janet Agren) is fired from the private school where she works. She travels to Rome to ask for help from a politician who was her lover years earlier. The congressman tries hard to hide the woman’s presence from his very jealous wife.
It is necessary to wait twenty-four minutes before we see Janet Agren naked. The actress undresses in front of the bathtub, but we don’t see her submerge. Three minutes later, the politician’s maid (Lory Del Santo) enters the bedroom and undresses. We can admire Lory Del Santo naked in all her youthful splendor, then she enters the bed together with a man. Thirty seconds later, the actress is in bed with another man. In the next room, Janet Agren removes her robe and delights us with her naked body. After 37 minutes of comic situation, the hot scenes finally return: a full-frontal nude of Janet Agren in the shower. Two minutes later the intriguing Clarita Gatto makes her appearance, first in black lingerie, then naked in bed.

Nude scenes