Love & Death

Directed By: Lesli Linka Glatter


Love & Death is a television miniseries that tells the true story of Candy Montgomery, a woman accused of killing her lover’s wife with 41 axe blows. The woman is played masterfully by Elizabeth Olsen. Over the course of the seven episodes we make the acquaintance of all the characters in this sad affair and we can admire some sequences with Elizabeth Olsen naked.
At the end of the first episode, Elizabeth Olsen wears a pink nightgown while having sex with a man, lying on her back under him. After they are done, Elizabeth leans over him showing stunning cleavage. In the second episode Elizabeth has sex with the man again, and this time she’s on top of him. In the fifth episode we admire Elizabeth Olsen naked in the shower, supervised by a prison guard.

Nude scenes