L’uomo che piaceva alle donne – Bel Ami

Directed By: Massimo Spano


There are not many opportunities to admire Eleonora Brigliadori naked. This beautiful actress has stripped on a few occasions, one of which is in this mini TV series titled L’uomo che piaceva alle donne – Bel Ami. It’s the story of a very handsome man who uses his charm to make his way into the business world.
In the three hours of duration, the nude scenes are not many, but the actresses who take off their clothes are all very beautiful. In addition to Eleonora Brigliadori, nude scenes also for Vittoria Belvedere and the German Gesine Cukrowski. Also noteworthy is Barbara Scoppa, who doesn’t undress but gives us a very intriguing sequence.

Nude scenes