Miele di donna

Directed By: Gianfranco Angelucci


A writer forces a publisher to read her novel. He reads the manuscript and the viewer is catapulted into the story. It’s the story of an innocent girl who goes to live in a hotel with the intent of losing her virginity.
Miele di donna (worldwide title is Honey) is a very interesting erotic film, which gives us nude scenes with three fabulous actresses: the young and sensual Clio Goldsmith, the Junoesque Donatella Damiani, and the brunette Adriana Russo.
In the film, we can also admire Nieves Navarro in the role of a sadomasochistic mistress. Nieves doesn’t strip, but she turns us on a lot with her hot gaze and black stockings. In front of her, Clio Goldsmith totally naked, on her knees.

Nude scenes