Mírame con ojos pornográficos

Directed By: Luis María Delgado


José is a pharmaceutical salesman who travels the country and has sexual adventures everywhere. The man has such a level of horniness that he can imagine the women he meets without clothes on. One day he is run over by a woman and falls in love with her, not reciprocated. He does everything to succeed in winning her over.
At the beginning of the film, the protagonist visits a doctor (Ana Luisa Peluffo). First he imagines her naked, then she actually undresses. Seven minutes later, naked Anaís de Melo lies on a doctor’s couch, ready for an injection. Perhaps full-frontal nudity was not needed for an injection, but better for us. Later, we see Grace Renat naked in a brief scene. The actress plays a secretary, and José pictures her naked, revealing her big boobs. Six minutes later José’s secretary, played by Christa Linder, enters the scene. Of course, he sees her naked as well. Christa Linder wears a super sexy swimsuit seven minutes later, in a pool scene. The main character is giving swimming lessons to Helga Liné, who loses her swimsuit one night and remains naked. The woman runs away in shame. Shortly afterwards she returns to the poolside wearing a bathrobe, opens it and delights us with full-frontal nude. Next, she has sex with José. Five minutes later we see Grace Renat‘s beautiful tits again in another brief scene. Seventeen minutes later José goes to visit a doctor, but finds his grieving wife, played by Blanca Guerra. The doctor’s corpse is still on the bed. José imagines Blanca Guerra naked, but a moment later he sees her really naked, because he’s having sex with her. When they say life goes on.
Throughout the film José has tried to seduce the beautiful Amparo Muñoz, but without results. In the last minutes he is in a hospital bed. She goes to visit him and takes off her clothes. Two minutes from the end we finally see Amparo Muñoz naked.

Nude scenes