MTV Video Music Awards 2022

Directed By: Liz Clare


The best music videos of 2022 according to MTV. The awards take place during a mega show in which a variety of stars from the world music scene perform.
We are not music critics, so for us, the most interesting part of the show was the wardrobe malfunction of the fabulous Victoria De Angelis. During the performance, the bassist’s shirt slipped down, revealing her perfect breasts. Victoria continued to play, like a true professional, and the audience was able to admire the sculpture as well as the music. MTV shared a censored version of the performance and an “uncensored” one, in which the breasts are clearly visible. But in the close-up shots, Victoria De Angelis‘ nipples are still blurred.
In addition, we report the very sexy outfits of Anitta and Nicki Minaj.

Nude scenes