Directed By: David Pinillos


Nacho is a Spanish biographical television series that tells the story of Ignacio Jordà González, known as Nacho Vidal, a famous Spanish porn actor and director. The miniseries consists of eight episodes and traces the actor’s steps in the world of porn, from his beginnings to his success.
In the 31st minute of the first episode, María de Nati performs at a lap dance pole in a club. A guy approaches the stage, she grabs a bottle of champagne and pours it on herself. A guy licks the liquid off her thighs. In the following scene the two have passionate sex on the bed. Immediately after, the director gives us a sequence of sex scenes with María de Nati as the protagonist. The actress has sex on the kitchen countertop, on the edge of the bathtub, on a wooden table, and finally on a bed. Eight minutes later María is wearing lingerie, black stockings, and high boots. She has sex on the couch with a guy while a man watches them and masturbates. Three minutes later María de Nati is on stage again, wearing a thong and a transparent bra. In the fourth minute of the second episode Marina Gatell performs a sexy show on stage with a lusty guy. Nineteen minutes later María de Nati lifts her skirt and sits on the hood of a car, then spreads her legs and looks mischievously at a guy. He reaches her and removes her panties, then puts his head between her legs to perform oral sex. Soon the two are having sex while a group of curious and excited people form around them. A minute later we are on the set of a hardcore movie. The director is framing Vera Gottert from behind, intent on giving an actor a blowjob. Eight minutes later, María de Nati is performing an erotic show with a guy, including final intercourse. At the twenty-fifth minute of the third episode, Paola Bontempi is sitting on a desk in a transparent yellow babydoll and a pair of black lace hold-up stockings. The girl opens her legs and a guy sticks his head between them. After oral sex, the guy stands up and fucks her. Around the ninth minute of episode four, Alexandra Prokhorova takes the stage at the Barcelona Erotic Film Festival in front of a crowd of people. The actress plays porn star Ilona Staller. Seven minutes later, Laura Elizabeth has sex with a man on a round bed in a hotel room while another man films them. One minute later, Lucía García has doggy-style sex with a fishnet stocking stuffed over her head. In the sixth minute of episode five Laura Elizabeth swims topless in a swimming pool. One minute later, María de Nati is rehearsing for a dance in a see-through dress when someone calls her on the phone. In the eighth minute of episode six, Sophie Evans walks totally naked on a porn movie set. We admire her shaved pussy as she argues with someone on the phone. Soon after, the actress has sex with a guy, leaning on a giant pink dildo. In the third minute of the seventh episode Marina Gatell has sex with a guy in the cabin of a yacht, on a bed full of bills. Fifteen minutes later the two have sex in a bathroom during a party. In the twentieth minute of episode eight, María de Nati has sex with a guy in a dark room, with various body parts painted with fluorescent paint.

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