Directed By: Anne Émond


Nelly is a film inspired by the sad story of Nelly Arcan, a highly successful Canadian writer who had previously worked as an escort. Sadly, the woman died by suicide in 2009, aged only 36. In the film, directed by Anne Émond, Nelly is played by Canadian actress Mylène Mackay.
In the tenth minute of the film, Mylène Mackay naked is sleeping hugging a guy on an huge bed of ivy leaves. The scene is very brief. Ten minutes later the actress is topless in bed next to a guy. The two talk to each other, then start making out. Twelve minutes later we see a full-frontal nude of Mylène Mackay as she crawls into bed. Catherine Brunet, also nude, joins her and gets into bed with her. The two joke around and throw money at each other. Eight minutes later Mylène is standing on a rug in a darkened room. She drops her dress to the floor and remains totally naked. She stands for a while, then walks to an armchair and sits down. After eight minutes we find Mylène Mackay naked in bed with a man. First they have sex in the classic way, then doggy style. Four minutes later we witness another doggy style on the same bed, but this time Mylène does not take off her clothes, she just lifts her skirt.

Nude scenes