Noi siamo leggenda (Season 1)

Directed By: Carmine Elia


Noi siamo leggenda is an Italian television series about five guys who attend the same school and mysteriously gain extraordinary superpowers. In the series there are no fistfights between superheroes and villains, but everyday problems, relationships with families, loves and disappointments. And there are also beautiful nude actresses.
There is no nudity in the second episode, but Claudia Pandolfi and Sijia Chen are featured in a couple of sexy scenes. At the fifty-sixth minute of the third episode we can see Beatrice Vendramin naked. The girl is sitting on a chair and wearing only a pair of black underwear. When she gets up to open a window she gives us a view of her perfect bottom. In the following episode, in the 12th minute, Beatrice Vendramin watches a video on a smartphone. In the video she is lying down, topless, and masturbating. After forty-eight minutes, Margherita Aresti takes off her top in front of a guy and shows us her beautiful breasts. In the thirty-second minute of the fifth episode, Beatrice Vendramin is wearing a dress with stunning cleavage and taking selfies. Fourteen minutes later we see Margherita Aresti naked again. The girl drops the towel that was covering her on the ground and walks to a large bathtub. We see her breasts and a firm, round butt. A really beautiful and sensual nude. In the forty-seventh minute of the eighth episode Claudia Pandolfi is leaning against a large window, with her skirt up. She is wearing black hold-ups and a man is taking her from behind. Nine minutes later, Margherita Aresti is having sex with a guy in an armchair. In the sixth minute of episode 11, Sofya Gershevich kisses a guy and then straddles him. Her short dress comes up and lets us look at her ass for a few moments. Four minutes later, Margherita Aresti walks on the beach with a guy and takes off her clothes meanwhile. We can admire Margherita Aresti naked for a few moments, then the girl enters a pool.

Nude scenes