Non mi uccidere

Directed By: Andrea De Sica


Non mi uccidere (Don’t Kill Me) is a goth-teen made in Italy by director Andrea De Sica. Two boyfriends swear eternal love, but the enthusiasm does not last long, because the two die in a car accident. She wakes up like a very cute zombie, and in order to survive, she must feed on humans.
At the beginning of the film, Alice Pagani and a boy are kissing, sitting on a sofa. The situation becomes hot and the two have sex. Alice is taking a bath in the next two nude scenes. In the first scene, she’s immersed in the bathtub and a woman helps her wash her back. In the second, she’s immersed in a wooden basin.
The last nude sequence is a sex scene between Alice Pagani and the boy from the first sequence.

Nude scenes