Non stop sempre buio in sala

Directed By: Arduino Sacco


In 1985 Paola Senatore has some drug problems and needs money. The actress agrees to shoot a hardcore film to raise some money and acts in a film made by Bruno Gaburro and Arduino Sacco: Non stop sempre buio in sala. The film is known by other titles, including Una femmina bollente, Paola non-stop, Heisses Fleisch and Carne in calore. This is the only porn film shot by Paola Senatore. Other titles exist, but they are montages of footage from this film.
The plot: Paola leaves the house where she was living with her ex-boyfriend because everything reminds her of the love that ended. She rents an apartment to make a fresh start. Arriving at the new house, she finds the old tenant, who is experiencing a similar situation: he’s heartbroken over the end of his love affair, and he moves house to get away from the memory. Each tells the other their story.
The film begins and Paola Senatore is walking on a meadow and remembering the good old days. She and her boyfriend are standing on the grass and kissing, then he slips a hand under her skirt and masturbates her. A moment later, the two are lying on the grass and passionately fucking. Later, Paola goes to the new apartment, where she meets Sergio, the previous tenant, who is packing up his things. The man tells her about finding his wife in bed with other people. We enjoy a threesome with Bady Samual and Sandra Sesal. After the story, Sergio stays to sleep. The next morning, Paola tells him about her love story. A few minutes later there is Paola Senatore in a robe and black stockings. She’s having phone sex and rubbing the phone receiver between her thighs. Suddenly her boyfriend enters the room and she gives him a perfect blowjob. Afterwards, he returns the favor. The story continues and we can appreciate Paola Senatore naked as the guy caresses her, then comes on her breasts.
Excited by their stories, Paola and Sergio end up in bed together, but she thinks about her ex while having sex. Their story may have a sequel, but they must first forget their old loves.

Nude scenes