Notte prima degli esami – Oggi

Directed By: Fausto Brizzi


Notte prima degli esami – Oggi tells similar stories to those of the film released a year earlier, but it’s not a sequel. Stories of teenagers struggling with their school exams. In the first film, we were in the 80s, this takes place in 2006.
There are many interesting sequences. Carolina Crescentini dives into the pool, completely naked, and allows us to see everything. First, her perfectly round ass, then her pussy, for a few moments, during the dive. We will be able to admire Carolina Crescentini nude in other sequences of the film.
Speaking of perfect asses, Serena Autieri‘s one enters the hit parade by right. Together with Clizia Fornasier‘s firm ass!
Unfortunately, we cannot see Clizia Fornasier nude, but we can admire her first in an intriguing bikini, then in hot lingerie while having a sexy video chat. Finally, a sex scene with Sarah Maestri nude.

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