Directed By: Paolo Virzì


The Tuscan proletariat told through the eyes of a child, then a teenager, then a man, and a father. Ovosodo is a story set in the city of Livorno. Pietro learns about the discrepancies in life, the drudgery of study and work, and the difference between the femme fatale and the neighbor who has always been in love with him.
After 11 minutes and 17 seconds, Claudia Biagiotti appears naked on the balcony. A quick scene with breathtaking full-frontal nude. Later, Daniela Morozzi arouses the protagonist with a cleavage revealing her abounding breasts. After 46 minutes of laughs, the nudes return. Regina Orioli is sitting on the rocks, topless, watching the protagonist dive into the waves. Regina Orioli also stars in a very intriguing sex scene, though with little nudity. Twenty-seven minutes later, Claudia Pandolfi has sex with the protagonist, on a mattress placed on the ground.

Nude scenes