Pane e burlesque

Directed By: Manuela Tempesta


Pane e burlesque is an interesting film with an almost all-female cast. A burlesque diva returns to her hometown of Monopoli, Apulia. Her activity changes the lives of many people, starting with her relatives. The old-fashioned girls of the town at first criticize her, but some of them soon join her.
There is not a lot of nudity, but we can see Giovanna Rei, Laura Chiatti, Michela Andreozzi, and Sabrina Impacciatore perform in numerous burlesque shows, with transparent lingerie, sexy stockings, and a few boobs slipping through the fingers. Also, Lodovica Mairè Rogati gets out of the pool and removes her bra, showing us a perfect topless.

Nude scenes