Primo tango a Roma…

Directed By: Lorenzo Gicca Palli


A Knight and his squire, from the Order of the Templars, find asylum at the home of Olimpio Orsini, a Roman alchemist. The two spend time amusing themselves with the women of the family.
There are few nude scenes for a decamerotic film, especially with a rich cast of fabulous actresses. Anyway, one at a time they all undress. Isabelle Marchall and Mirella Rossi play two prostitutes and are the first to undress. The second nude scene is offered by Claudia Gravy. Rosalba Neri is the fourth nude actress in the film, with a heart attack body. Erika Blanc plays a very eager noblewoman. The last to undress is Sonia Ciuffi, in her first – and only – nude in a film.

Nude scenes