Provocazione nude scenes


Directed By: Piero Vivarelli


In Provocazione, a 1988 softcore film, Moana Pozzi plays a widowed stepmother. Petra Scharbach and Ursula Davis – aka Hula or Hula Hop – play stepdaughters, who are practically the same age.
Stepmother, stepdaughters and a professor hired to prepare the girls for the high school exams move to a beautiful villa on an island.
The stepmother fucks the professor, the stepdaughters seduce him, then the stepmother is excluded from the equation and the stepdaughters fuck the teacher… In short, a story with little content, but full of interesting sequences. Moana Pozzi excites us with provocative lingerie and her statuesque body, even if it’s not a hardcore movie. Petra Scharbach and Ursula Davis give us several intriguing scenes, including masturbation and threesome sex.

Nude scenes