Directed By: Delphine Lehericey


In Puppylove, 21-year-old Solène Rigot plays Diane, an enigmatic and reclusive teenager. When Julia (Audrey Bastien), a charismatic and emancipated girl, appears in her neighborhood, Diane’s daily life is turned upside down.
At the beginning of the film, Solène Rigot takes off her shirt and remains in her bra, then enters a bed with an awkward guy. They talk, then she removes her bra and stands over him, pressing her breasts to the guy’s chest. Later, the girl masturbates in the bathtub. Twenty-two minutes later Solène Rigot naked is in a locker room shower with other girls. When she gets out of the shower she walks naked down a hallway until a man covers her with a jacket. Eight minutes later Audrey Bastien undresses and has sex in bed with a guy. Solène, dressed, lies on the bed next to them. Audrey Bastien gives us several full-frontal nudes and various positions in bed with her partner. Solène watches them with interest. Twelve minutes later Audrey Bastien is changing clothes in a trailer. Through the open door we see her breasts. Three minutes later Audrey Bastien, Solène Rigot and the guy are together again on a bed. This time Solène is not just contemplating: both girls are having sex with him.

Nude scenes