Purpose of Reunion nude scenes

Purpose of Reunion

Directed By: Jung Dae-Man


You know: we like Asian erotic films. And we like Asian celebrities, of course. Purpose of Reunion is the English title of this Korean movie, but the original title is Dong-chang-ho-eui mok-jeok. Obviously, we watched at it without understanding anything, but we deduced that the main protagonist of the story is the owner of a bar. He participates enthusiastically in the meetings of the old school friends, until the day he meets Yoo-jin, a beautiful woman who never went to the meetings. From this moment, school meetings fall to second place in the ranking, because private meetings with Yoo-jin are much more fulfilling.
Kim Yoo-Yeon is the naked actress of the film. A beautiful woman who gives us several very beautiful sex sequences. Canonical sex, but the shower scene and some oral sex are not missing.

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