Racconti proibiti… di niente vestiti

Directed By: Brunello Rondi


Racconti proibiti… di niente vestiti is a very interesting Italian decamerotic as well as a particularly rare one. Director Brunello Rondi makes a film that differs qualitatively from most films of this genre. In the 15th century, the painter and poet Lorenzo del Cambio introduces a friend’s son to sex by telling him various erotic novellas. The guy learns very well and steals from the master a papal bull that allows him to have sex with all the nuns in a convent.
In the fourth minute, Karin Schubert, young and sensual, unbuttoned her shirt in front of a man while flashing a mischievous smile. The two end up rolling around on the lawn. A couple of minutes later the seductive Magali Noël approaches a large bowl of water in which a man and two women are immersed. One is Marisa Traversi. Magali exchanges a few words with the man, then pulls her tits out of her dress and prepares to slip into the basin with them. Seven minutes later Janet Agren is about to have sex with a guy in the branches. She is naked and he is on top of her, but he stops and walks away. One minute later we see Janet Agren standing naked in a basin while a couple of girls are washing her. Twenty minutes later, Tina Aumont is washing in a river and playing with her two horses. When she comes out of the water and walks to the shore she delights us with a fabulous topless. A few minutes later Tina Aumont puts on a transparent robe and pretends to be a priestess solving sex issues. Seventeen minutes later there is a sexy scene with Silvia Monti, but she doesn’t take her clothes off. Toward the end of the film we find Marisa Traversi naked, in a tub with a couple of other naked actresses. Four minutes later Monica Strebel gives us the last nude of the film.

Nude scenes