Ragazze in affitto s.p.a.

Directed By: Mauro Ivaldi, Michel Lemoine, Régine Deforges


Three call girls have to fulfill the extravagant wishes of some of their customers.
Ragazze in affitto s.p.a. is a very rare film made in 1980; an Italian-French co-production directed by Regine Deforges, a very famous erotic writer in France. In fact, the film was directed by the French director Michel Lemoine and the director Italian Mauro Ivaldi. The French title of the film is Contes pervers.
This film has become a legend, above all because of its unavailability: released on VHS and now unobtainable, never released on DVD, hardly broadcast on TV, moreover in a cut version.
The nude actresses of the film are Carina Barone, Carmen Russo, Fabienne Mai, Françoise Gayat and Zora Kerowa. The sequences are all very intriguing. To report a lesbian scene between Carina Barone and a sexy Asian girl and a long sex sequence with the beautiful Carmen Russo.

Nude scenes