Red Shoe Diaries (Season 2)

Directed By: Anne Goursaud


After the success of the film and the first season of the television series, the second season of Red Shoe Diaries was inevitable.
Sad Jake Winters ran an ad in the newspaper, asking betrayed or cheating women to tell him their stories. From the letters these women send to Jack, the episodes of the television series are born.
In the first episode, Charlotte Lewis gives us two intriguing sex scenes. Raven Snow, in the second episode, observes a muscular man taking a shower. The woman undresses and joins him. In the same episode, the actress offers us another couple of passionate scenes.
The third episode includes a photo threesome with Andrea Riave and Jennifer Burton, as well as a sex scene with Amber Smith. Jennifer Ciesar has sex in a foggy forest in the fourth episode. In the fifth, Alexandra Tydings lies on her bed; she dreams of having sex and masturbates. Ann Cockburn is first naked in the shower, then naked by the sea, then she makes love to a man in the sixth episode.
Seventh episode: Erika Anderson shows us a shy full-frontal nude in a long sex scene. In the eighth episode, the sensual Laurie Simpson has a sex scene on the lawn. Later, Laurie Simpson dreams of trying all the Kamasutra positions with her partner, and we also dream of trying them, but with her.
Audie England delights us with three breathtaking fucks in the ninth episode. In the tenth episode, Alexandra Tydings returns, doing a striptease at a roadblock in front of an excited cop. Later the actress has sex in the car, then on the hood of the car. Finally, Denice D. Lewis joins the two lovers to have a nice threesome. Lynette Walden is the protagonist of the tenth episode and she takes several selfies in black lingerie and stockings.
Christiana D’Amore (credited as Christiana Capetillo) plays the hot scenes of the twelfth episode. The last episode of the second season offers us a beautiful and curvy Italian actress, Marina Giulia Cavalli.

Nude scenes