Rimini Rimini – Un anno dopo

Directed By: Bruno Corbucci, Giorgio Capitani


Rimini Rimini – Un anno dopo, a sequel to Rimini Rimini, brings viewers back to the beaches of the Adriatic coast in Italy. The movie had practically only negative criticism, so we are pleased to be the only ones to provide a positive review. Obviously our approval rating concerns only nude actresses, who in this film are many and all very beautiful.
Alessandra Izzo offers us a sex scene in bed with a man, Corinne Clery sunbathes topless and sleeps completely naked, Eva Grimaldi doesn’t strip off a lot but shows us her round tits anyway, Loredana Romito takes care of the classic scene under the shower.
Maria Rosaria Omaggio and Isabel Russinova don’t get naked, but offer us several very intriguing sequences. And yet we can enjoy the nudes of Petra Scharbach and Sabrina Ferilli.
Okay, we haven’t told you about the plot: adventures between the beach and the shore, unrelated episodes and lots of swimsuits.

Nude scenes