Romulus (Season 2)

Directed By: Matteo Rovere


The second season of Romulus continues to chronicle the birth of Rome. The last scene of the first season takes us to Cures, the land of the Sabines, and that is where this new chapter begins.
In the first episode, Demetra Avincola shows us a full-frontal nude and a painted body. In the second episode, we can admire Bianca Panconi, Gaia Altucci, Mariarosaria Mingione, and Valentina Bellè, all without clothes. The four girls are performing a definitely macabre ritual, which includes frontal nudity and a bowl of blood. At the end of the episode, Marianna Fontana removes her white robes and stands completely naked in front of the camera. This is followed by a relaxing pre-war fuck. The actress is involved in another sex scene in the following episode. A couple of minutes later a very welcome appearance: Vanessa Scalera nude. The actress is tied to a pole and shows us yet another full-frontal nude of the season. At the end of the fifth episode, Valentina Bellè has moonlight sex with a man. In episode seven, Vanessa Scalera drops her dress and gives us a quick nude.

Nude scenes