Sacrificio d’amore (Season 1)

Directed By: Alessandro Capone, Daniele Carnacina


Corrado Corradi is rich and has hundreds of quarrymen at his service, who work in the Carrara marble quarries he owns. Corrado is married to Silvia (Francesca Valtorta), a woman of humble origins, who unfortunately falls in love with one of the quarrymen.
Sacrificio d’amore is an unfortunate TV series. Initially, it was supposed to be a single season of over twenty episodes, but the poor success slowed the airing. The series was stopped, then dismembered, and broadcast divided into two seasons. Apparently, there were still enough episodes for a third season.
Fans of the stunning Francesca Valtorta will be happy to know that there are some very hot sequences. Francesca undresses on several occasions, especially for sex. In the series, we can also admire Desirèe Noferini naked.

Nude scenes