Directed By: Marco Tullio Giordana


Osvaldo Valenti and Luisa Ferida are two actors who worked in fascist Italy, accused of collaborating with a gang of Nazi torturers and shot in 1945. Their story had already been told in the 1993 drama Gioco Perverso. In 2008, director Marco Tullio Giordana tells it again. In the role of Luisa Ferida we find the charming Monica Bellucci.
After sixteen minutes we see Monica Bellucci naked, lying on her stomach in bed next to another girl. Monica is wearing hold-up stockings. Fourteen minutes later the actress takes off her panties in front of a man, then kneels on the bed and has doggy-style sex. Eleven minutes later we admire Monica Bellucci naked, on top of a man, engaged in sex with him. Seven minutes later, a man puts his head between Monica’s legs, who is wearing a long red dress. We see only her face moaning with pleasure. Eighty minutes later, Monica Bellucci is lying on a bed. Above her, Lavinia Longhi licks her face, then the two actresses share a passionate kiss.

Nude scenes