Sapore di te

Directed By: Carlo Vanzina


More than 30 years have passed since Sapore di Mare, and the Vanzina brothers are making another choral film about Italians’ summer vacations. In that first film they told of the 1960s, in this one they tell of the 1980s. On the Tuscan beaches of Viareggio, love and betrayal ensue.
In the 20th minute, Katy Louise Saunders emerges from the sea in a red and white striped swimsuit. The girl lies on the sand and watches Laura Berlin in a bikini, joking with a guy. Katy Louise Saunders‘ swimsuit is semi-transparent and her nipples are visible under the white fabric. Forty-one minutes later we can see Francesca Ruocco naked, in a brief sex scene with a guy.

Nude scenes