Scarlet Diva

Directed By: Asia Argento


Scarlet Diva is Asia Argento‘s directorial debut, chronicling the upward and downward path of a young actress in a whirlwind of sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll.
After two minutes and thirty-eight seconds, we are already getting excited. Asia Argento is doggy style and a man is fucking her from behind. Unfortunately, the two lovers are interrupted and Asia is forced to enjoy masturbating, alone. Seven minutes later, Asia returns home to find Vera Gemma naked, tied on the bed, where she was having a BDSM session, but the man has left, leaving her like that. Another seven minutes pass, and we are again faced with Vera Gemma naked, this time engaged in a sex scene.
Later, in a hotel room, Asia Argento undresses in front of a guy, then has sex with him.
Eleven minutes later, Asia Argento meets Selen‘s big boobs. The two actresses give us a very intriguing lesbian scene.
In the next scene, Asia Argento is completely naked in front of the mirror; she shaves her armpits and puts makeup on her face. This is the last interesting nude scene in the film. However, Asia and Vera show us a couple more nudity before the credits roll.

Nude scenes