Schoolgirl Report Part 10

Directed By: Walter Boos


The long original title is Schulmädchen-Report 10. Teil – Irgendwann fängt jede an. The international title is Schoolgirl Report 10: Every Girl Starts Sometime.
It’s the tenth chapter in a long saga and is one of the funniest. The style is that of the previous films, a series of episodes about the vices and perversions of Northern European schoolgirls. Many of the actresses playing the “schoolgirls” are over thirty years old, but in life you never stop learning.
The first nudes come after seven minutes. Barbara Markus (credited as Bärbel Markus) has sex with a man on the couch. A few minutes later the actress is undressing while a boy spies on her through the window. Finally, there is a sex scene with her and the boy spying on her.
The second nude actress is Yvonne Dwyer, who undresses, gets into bed, and masturbates, arousing us greatly. Three minutes later, the girl has sex with a man on a red bed. Two more sex scenes follow: one in a nursery and one with a motorcyclist.
Seven minutes later, Angélique Duvier is intent on making out with a guy, lying on a couch. Soon after, we witness a long sex scene starring Karin Lorson. The episode ends with another sex scene with Angélique Duvier.
Our excitement doesn’t subside thanks to the following scenes, played by Alexandra Bogojevic. The blond actress first masturbates in her bed, then has sex with a man with a long beard.
The last nude actress in the film is also the most famous: Gina Janssen. It begins with full nudity in the shower and continues with two good sex scenes.

Nude scenes