Schoolgirl Report Part 7

Directed By: Ernst Hofbauer


The original title is Schulmädchen-Report 7. Teil – Doch das Herz muß dabei sein. The international title is Schoolgirl Report 7: What The Heart Must Thereby or Teenage Playmates. It’s the seventh installment in a long series of German mock documentaries about the sexual habits of young girls. The film consists of several episodes.
The first to undress are Christina Lindberg and Deborah Ralls, who play young prostitutes in a brothel. Later, Christina Lindberg is masturbating in the shower, spied on by a boy, who at one point intervenes and fucks her from behind. Christina Lindberg is the star of the first part of the film, and she also appears in the following three sex scenes.
In the following scene, Gisela Schwartz, Puppa Armbruster, and Ulrike Butz are naked and beautiful in a hotel room.
Sonja Jeannine, the nude actress in the following episode, lures a mature man and then robs him with a group of friends. A few minutes later, the actress seduces us with her fabulous full-frontal nude. In the next episode, Deborah Ralls returns, looking very sexy with no clothes and her glasses on.
Our next stop is a Bavarian school. In a classroom, all the students show their tits and asses. We recognized Roswitha Geuther and Jane Iwanoff among them.
Marianne Dupont is the protagonist of the following episode. The girl is in love with her professor and masturbates thinking about him. In the same episode, a mature actress, Helena Rosenkranz, gives us a beautiful sex scene.

Nude scenes