Directed By: Rafal Zielinski


Screwballs is yet another youth comedy made in the wake of the success of Porky’s. The film is set in 1965 and tells of a group of lusty boys and beautiful girls being wooed.
In the first scene, a doctor visits Jennifer Inch, asking her to remove her bra. After about half an hour, a group of girls work out in a decidedly sexy way. Among them, we recognize Astrid Falconi, Kim Cayer, Linda Shayne, Linda Speciale, and Terrea Smith. We find the same group of girls in the next scene, at the pool. All the girls are in bikinis. At the end of the sequence, Astrid Falconi and Kim Cayer remain topless.
After a brief scene with Linda Speciale, the action moves to a drive-in. Here, Linda Shayne decides to have sex in the car with her boyfriend.
This is followed by Jan Taylor in sexy lingerie, Linda Speciale again in a bikini on the beach, a sexy bowling competition that ends with Terrea Smith topless, a guy dressed as a woman measuring the actresses’ breasts, and finally a long striptease by Raven De La Croix.

Nude scenes