She Devils of the SS

Directed By: Erwin C. Dietrich


The original title is Eine Armee Gretchen but is best known with the international title, She Devils of the SS (and also with the Italian one, Fräulein in uniforme).
It is a mix of war film and erotic film. Despite the geographical provenance of the army, it is not a Nazisploitation film.
During wartime, Nazi Germany enlists everyone, including women. Doctor Felix Khun excludes the disabled, but his superiors don’t appreciate his kindness and send him to the front.
The female soldiers seem more engaged in fornicating than shooting, but that’s okay with us. Make love, not war.
Karin Hofmann offers the first full-frontal nude; the actress enters a room, and she doesn’t wear clothes. A couple of minutes later, we see a medical examination. The girls who go to the doctor – naked, of course – are Claudia Fielers, Monika Rohde, Elke Boltenhagen, and Marita Vogelsang.
A group shower can’t be missing, and in fact, it’s the next hot scene. There are a lot of actresses and related full-frontal nudes. Among the many, we recognized Evelyn Raess, Judith Fritsch and Uschi Stiegelmaier.
Anne Graf plays the intelligence chief and stunning lesbian. We can admire her in a soft lesbian scene with Evelyn Raess.
The female soldiers go to the front without fear. Marisa Feldy seduces her superior and they have sex in the grass. Elke Boltenhagen and Monica Marc are dedicated to lesbian effusions between the branches.
There are a bit of warfare and popping bombs, then we get back to what we like. Renate Kasché undresses in front of her captain and dives into a river. Elke Boltenhagen and Monica Marc are bathing in the same river, attracting a couple of horny soldiers. The four end up having sex between grass and dry leaves. Renate Kasché also has sex with her captain but is in a comfortable bed.
After a series of sequences we didn’t follow carefully because we were thinking about naked women, we find Karin Heske in a cell bed. She is having a nightmare where she imagines being shot. Sad scene, but with a nice full-frontal nude.
Renate Kasché offers us two more nude scenes. In the first one, she’s having sex on a carpet. In the second, she’s still naked on the carpet, but she’s chatting with an elderly soldier.
More sex scenes on the lawn; this time the nude actress is Elisabeth Felchner.
More fights, shootings, and tanks, and then there are the celebrations. Christiane Lanius offers everyone a nazi-striptease. We are at the end of the film and there is one last nude scene. A group of nude actresses running, among which we recognize Elisabeth Felchner and Renate Kasché.

Nude scenes