Si vis pacem, para bellum

Directed By: Stefano Calvagna


Stephen is a bouncer at a nightclub. He doesn’t have many friends and spends his free time riding around on his motorcycle. He often lunches at a Chinese restaurant and falls in love with a waitress, Lee Ang (Francesca Fiume). Her parents, who own the restaurant, are involved in dirty business.
After about twenty minutes, Carlotta Rondana leans against the wall of a motel room, pulls down her panties, and masturbates, while the protagonist watches her. Then the two have sex. We have to wait thirty-five minutes for another sex scene, but it’s worth it. Giulia Anchisi and the protagonist have fun on the bed in a very exciting scene. Ten minutes later, the last scene between the blankets, played by Italian-Chinese actress Francesca Fiume.

Nude scenes