Directed By: Davide Marengo


A family of mermaids goes to live on the mainland for a few months. There is a newt to look for, which escaped by evading marriage to one of them.
The series opens with Valentina Bellè, Maria Pia Calzone, and Denise Tantucci who come out of the water, totally naked. The director did everything possible to hide the nakedness of these three beautiful actresses, but we still manage to see the roundness of the breasts and the perfect ass of Valentina Bellè.
Mermaids have many scenes where they take off their clothes; unfortunately, the shots are all against the nude. We hoped to see Maria Pia Calzone nude, but we’re only partially satisfied, with some side boobs and a quick view of her beautiful back. Similar scenes are given to us by a mature and still beautiful Ornella Muti.
In the fourth episode, Lorena Cacciatore joins the list of fleeting nudes.

Nude scenes