Somebody I Used to Know

Directed By: Dave Franco


Ally (Alison Brie) is the showrunner of a reality show called Dessert Island. The show is canceled, so Ally decides to take a break from work after many years. She is back in her hometown and meets her former boyfriend, who is about to get married. Ally meets his fiancée, Cassidy (Kiersey Clemons), and an initial rivalry turns into a kind of friendship.
The hot scenes all come in the last half-hour of the film, in an interesting crescendo. After an hour and five minutes, Alison Brie and Kiersey Clemons run completely naked on a golf course. Two minutes later Alison Brie is wearing a very intriguing low-cut blue dress. The actress wears this beautiful dress for many minutes in the film. Twenty-three minutes later, Alison Brie is standing in front of a mirror. The actress is wearing a gray tank top that shows her pokey nipples. The actress wears the same tank top a little later while talking to a guy.
In the next scene, we can see Alison Brie naked as she is interviewing a nudist (Jeanine Jackson) at a nudist camp. When the frame widens we can see that they are all naked, nudists and camera crew. At the end of the interview, the two women stand up, completely naked, and embrace each other.

Nude scenes