Sopravvissuti (Season 1)

Directed By: Carmine Elia


A crew of twelve sets out for a regatta, but a storm surprises them after a few days of sailing. The boat disappears from the radar and traces of the crew are lost. A year later, the wreck is found on the coast of Venezuela. Six people are still alive, but they are hiding secrets.
Sopravvissuti is an interesting Italian, French, and German production. In addition to the compelling plot, there are several sequences with naked actresses, to our delight.
The first to undress is Sophie Pfennigstorf. In the first episode, we see her emerge from the bathtub and put on a bathrobe. Sophie Pfennigstorf is also naked in the second episode, in which we can also see a frontal nude of Adèle Wismes as she emerges from the bathtub. In the fourth episode, two more nudes of Sophie Pfennigstorf, with a close-up of her perfect breasts. Sophie also gives us a topless in the following episode.
In the seventh episode, Adèle Wismes excites us with a very sexy outfit. In the same episode, Pia Lanciotti shows us her breasts in a sex scene. Unfortunately, there are no other nude scenes in the following episodes.

Nude scenes