Sotto il vestito niente II nude scenes

Sotto il vestito niente II

Directed By: Dario Piana


Sotto il vestito niente II (AKA Too Beautiful to Die) has no points in common with the first film of what will become a trilogy. The point of contact between the two films is the world of fashion.
The beautiful model Sylvia is in her manager’s house with him and her colleagues. An unexpected guest who is too attracted to her puts her on the run, but she dies in a car accident. From this moment, someone will start avenging her by killing everyone involved.
Gioia Scola, Randi Ingerman, Nora Ariffin, and Helena Jesus are the actresses who show us their bodies in this film. This is the film debut for the beautiful Randi Ingerman, who takes off her clothes before going into the bathtub and shows us a perfect ass and her big tits.

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