Spell, dolce mattatoio

Directed By: Alberto Cavallone


Spell, dolce mattatoio (also known as L’uomo la donna e la bestia) is not an easy film to tell. Director Alberto Cavallone was a surrealist genius and this film is probably one of his most successful works. Inside there is a communist attracted to the inside of the human body, the wife of a painter who eats in the bathroom and rinses his mouth with toilet water, a crazy woman who masturbates and loves coprophagia… all in an alternating montage with country festival images.
There would be a lot to write and in fact, a lot has been written. We just introduce you to the female cast. The nude actresses of this film are all very beautiful: Macha Magall, Maria Pia Luzi, Monica Zanchi, Paola Montenero, and Stefania Spugnini. Many interesting scenes.

Nude scenes