Directed By: Stefano Sollima


The title of this film is inspired by a neighborhood in Ancient Rome, Suburra, frequented by thieves, criminals and other kinds of scum. This is what the film’s narrative is about. The ties between the underworld, politics and the Church to hold the reins of Italy’s capital. It starts with a blackmailed politician and leads to a bloody feud between rival gangs.
In the 10th minute a naked man sitting on a bed admires Giulia Elettra Gorietti and Svetlana Kevral walking toward him totally naked. Two breathtaking full-frontal nudes, then a drug and sex party begins, with a particularly exciting threesome. Unfortunately, crack cocaine causes Svetlana to collapse. The politician and Giulia Elettra Gorietti argue frantically without dressing, and move around the room naked. In the next scene, Greta Scarano is on the balcony of a disco and is making out with her guy. He puts his hand under her skirt and pulls off her panties, allowing us to look at her pussy. Fifty minutes later there is Greta Scarano naked lying on her stomach on a black leather sofa. She is sleeping.

Nude scenes