Suitable Flesh

Directed By: Joe Lynch


In Suitable Flesh, based on a story by H.P. Lovecraft, a psychiatrist (Heather Graham) becomes obsessed with one of her young patients. Later the girl discovers that the guy is bound by an ancient curse. Heather Graham nude at 53 looks fabulous and has great erotic appeal. We are in love with this actress.
In the thirteenth minute Heather Graham is having bland sex with her husband, then she imagines she’s fucking her young patient and things turn on. She gets on top and passionately rides the guy. Seventeen minutes later the actress is getting banged on the desk in her office by her favorite patient. Twelve minutes later, the woman lifts her skirt in front of the patient, who kneels down and puts his face between her thighs. Five minutes later, the guy takes control of Heather’s body, wanting to see her naked. The woman opens her robe and touches herself between her legs as she looks at her reflection in the mirror. Three minutes later Heather Graham rides her husband on the couch and her breasts come out of her robe. Near the end of the film Heather puts a hand between Barbara Crampton‘s legs, then kisses her with her tongue.

Nude scenes