Terror Firmer

Directed By: Lloyd Kaufman


Lloyd Kaufman is the founder of Troma, one of the most interesting independent film companies. He’s also the director and protagonist of this Terror Firmer, in which Lloyd plays… a director.
We are on the set of a horror film made by a blind director (!), and there is a problem: a killer has infiltrated the sets and is killing several people. The crew team up to unmask and stop the killer.
One of the most beautiful films in Troma and also very interesting for those who love nude actresses. Many get naked, in a parade of real and fake boobs.
Alyce LaTourelle gives us some very exciting scenes, both of sex and self-eroticism. Carla Pivonski is engaged in a beautiful sex scene; she enjoys it a lot and we too.
Debbie Rochon comes in two versions: blonde and redhead. Either way, she’s a sex bomb. Ileana Romero strips completely naked and shows us a stunning full-frontal nude, then gives a fat man a blowjob.
We also report three short boob scenes of Celia McGee, Rachael Robbins, and Crystal McCloud.

Nude scenes