Directed By: Fausto Paravidino


Italy, a provincial town. A group of friends meets every evening in the cottage of one of them, Elisa. They laugh, joke, get drunk, break the house… they do everything they need to not think about the time that passes, not to notice that they are growing up.
One of them has a sexual adventure with an older, married woman, played by the sensual Valeria Golino.
Then there is the cinematographic debut – which is also the nude debut – of the actresses Alessia Bellotto and Iris Fusetti. Both show us their young tits and we thank them heartily.
Valeria Golino has a sex scene in a car where we can see her pussy for a few seconds and another sequence, very intriguing, in which she dresses in a very horny way, with a sexy dress and pink stockings.

Nude scenes