The Adult Version of Jekyll & Hide

Directed By: Lee Raymond


The Adult Version of Jekyll & Hide is one of many films based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s literary masterpiece. One of the many differences from the famous novel is that in this film Hide is a miss (Jane Tsentas).
Before the opening credits, Rene Bond has sex on the couch with a man. Twelve minutes later, Linda York stars in a BDSM scene, in which she gets a bit of a (fake) whipping. A few minutes later the redhead Rene Bond stars in a pair of sequential hot scenes. In the first scene, the actress is having sex on the bed, riding a man. In the second scene, the couple is fucking in the shower.
Minutes later, the doctor gets the wrong formula recipe and turns into a beautiful blond girl (Jane Tsentas). After that, Linda McDowell is masturbating on the bed while a man spies on her through the window. About ten minutes later we see the beautiful Miss Hide / Jane Tsentas naked again. The actress meets Rene Bond and begins a catfight that soon becomes a lesbian affair. In the last scene, Jane Tsentas approaches Laurie Rose, who sleeps naked in her bed.

Nude scenes